Electronics Recycling Services

Data Destruction

  • Hard Drive Data Wiping.
  • Physical Hard Drive Destruction.
  • Asset Tag Removal.
  • Documented Chain of Custody
  • Certificate of Asset Destruction
  • Controlled Access to Warehouse
  • 24/7 Video Surveillance

  • IT Asset Management

  • Testing, Repair and Refurbishment
  • HDD Regenerating
        o Data Recovery
        o Cloning
        o Hard Drive Sanitation
        o Diagnostic Analysis
        o Physical Destruction

  • Additional Recycling Services

  • Electronic Waste Removal
  • Certificate of Recycling
  • Certificate of Asset Destruction
  • Offset and Revenue Sharing
  • Consignment Sales of Computer Hardware, Software and Components

  • Items Accepted

    • Computers
    • Small Scale Servers
    • Routers and Switches
    • Modems
    • Computer Peripherals
    • LCD Monitors
    • CRT Monitors
    • Electronic Keyboards
    • Electronic Mice or Similar Pointing Devices

    Other Items

    • Facsimile Machines
    • Document Scanners
    • Printers
    • TV's and VCRs
    • Digital Video Recorders
    • Cable and Satellite Receivers
    • Electronic or Video Game Consoles
    • Cell Phones

    Data Sanitization

    Data sanitization is the process of deliberately, permanently, irreversibly removing or destroying the data stored on a memory device.

    A device that has been sanitized has no usable residual data.

    Sanitization processes include using a software utility that completely erases the data, a separate hardware device that connects to the device being sanitized and erases the data, and/or a mechanism that physically destroys the device so its data cannot be recovered.